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Welcome to the Northern Neck, Virginia’s most Northern peninsula bordering the Potomac River, the Rappahannock River and the Chesapeake Bay. Our first tourist in 1608, Captain John Smith, referred to it "as a place heaven and earth never agreed better to frame man's habitation."


Many important historical figures were born on the Northern Neck, including US presidents George Washington, James Madison (Port Conway, Virginia), and James Monroe, as well as the Civil War general Robert E. Lee and signer of the Declaration of Independence, Francis Lightfoot Lee.


The region is rich in history and scenic beauty, with 1100 miles of shoreline containing beaches, rivers, creeks, marinas, old steamship wharfs and small towns that date back to colonial times. Boating, fishing, crabbing and golf are favorite pastimes of the residents and visitors. Vegetable and grain farming and a strong seafood industry are the mainstay. Before modern highways, many passenger and freight steamer routes linked the entire Chesapeake Bay region. Today small farms, vineyards and wineries are interspersed with retirement communities and rural businesses that share the land.


Reedville claims to have once been the wealthiest town in the United States, due to its menhaden fishing industry. Significant portions of the Rappahannock River National Wildlife Refuge lie in the Northern Neck. It is also home to five state parks/natural areas. These include Caledonia Natural Area, Bush Mill Stream Natural Area Preserve, Cameron Marsh Natural area, Westmoreland State Park, and Belle Isle State Park and one national park, the George Washington Birthplace National Monument.


I welcome you to the “Land of Pleasant Living” where you will enjoy a “laid back” live style and relish the low real estate taxes.


Robert  Booth
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